Booze and Jazz – The Speakeasy Caretaker Bar Review

Caretaker has never disappointed me, since I was introduced to it post-conference a few years back. Today, it’s as special as ever.

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In Brief

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Didn’t have any!


Surprising cocktails done very well.


Dark and jazzy with lots of chatter. Personal service.


A standard drink is $22 (mid 2023).

caretaker bar review - auckland speakeasy

Visiting Caretaker Bar, Auckland

Our visit to Caretaker capped off a great night out in Britomart.

Caretaker bar is a jazzy, speakeasy styled Auckland cocktail bar. The dim setting, swinging jazz, and personal, attention is special.

Hidden down what might be called a dark alley, if something can be called that, you’ll spot Caretaker either by the simple “C” on the door or the queue outside it. I’ll let you figure out which is a reference to the secret, underground NYC speakeasy bar that it’s styled on.

After a short wait, we took our table by the wall and got accustomed to the low lighting and swinging jazz. A server came and took the 5th chair at the end of our table, and started to each with us. Each member of the group was asked about their spirit preferences, flavours and styles. Without writing down a single note, the server headed back to the bar, and we chatted and waited.

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So, what did we drink at Caretaker bar?

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Caretaker does not have a menu. At least no menu I’ve ever seen. After an interview on your preferences, drinks just arrive. If a drink is not to your taste, you can send it back (once) with more feedback.

Around 10 minutes after we ordered, four very distinct cocktails arrive, each exquisitely flavoured. The bar staff managed to do something smokey and dry, gin based and floral, tequila and berry, and something that started with rum and ended so confusing even I didn’t follow it.

Every drink hit the spot. In our group of four, there were no send-backs. We left satisfied and merry after a great night out in Britomart.

Find Caretaker Bar

Look for the door with a “C” on it, and descend the stairs. You’ll be greeted by the sound of jazz, the hum of people, and front-of-house staff.

Go to Caretaker as part of a great night out in Britomart.

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