Everything to like! A Dear Jane Cafe Review

Dear Jane – A neighbourhood cafe filled with bright light, green plants, and plywood tables.

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I had a tasty slice of lemon loaf from the cabinet.


Supreme coffee, well espressed.


Happy young families and friends with a few business chats going on.


Coffee and a slice, $9.50.

dear jane cafe review

Visiting Dear Jane Cafe in Mt Albert

I planned to meet a friend, and Dear Jane cafe was walking distance from her Mt Albert home. There was plenty of roadside parking, servicing the cafe, Bar Martin, and a scattering of other shops.

The grey autumn sky disappeared under the bright lights inside. Both the light and the crowd – mainly twenty- and thirty-somethings gave the place a warm buzz. I was greeted with a smile during the compulsory vaccine pass scan-in, and the friendliness continued on display while I was there.

I ordered at the counter, which had a delicious looking selection of cabinet food. I heard others ordering off an a la carte menu, and the small kitchen – visible in one corner – was busy at work. A window table had just become available, and the staff hurried to clean it for me.

There wasn’t much people watching to be done on such a blustery day, but some cute dogs walked by with their owners in tow. I imagine it’s easy to spot local friends when they’re out and about.

Dear Jane cafe also stocked a small amount of coffee-making gear, plus beautiful scented candles, and local preserves. Noted for future emergency gift needs!

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dear jane cafe review 4

A morning espresso with a slice of lemon loaf.

The coffee, from Supreme, was done well leaving a fruity, full mouthfeel. It paired well with the fluffy lemon loaf. It was surprisingly light in texture and had a real citrus oil kick, balanced with sweetness.

Find Dear Jane

Easy to spot amongst this ground of Mt Albert neighbourhood shops.

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